Since 2005, I have published several articles in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure.

I am co-author of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Commentary on articles (coordinator Mihail Udroiu) (C.H.Beck Publishing House, 2nd and 3rd editions).

I am the author of the articles below(selection):

  • Income from virtual money transfer and tax evasion, Penally Relevant No 2/2021 (link)
  • The offence of disclosure of professional secrecy by a lawyer under Law No 51/1995. Brief considerations, Penalmente Relevant no. 1/2017 (link)
  • De lege ferenda: preliminary chamber, Penalmente Relevant no. 1/2016 (link)
  • Computer fraud. Failure of the trial court to award material damages. Non-material damages awarded for a property crime. Assessment of the existence of common fault in the case of non-material damage, Caiete de Drept Penal no. 2/2012 (link)
  • Some aspects of the criminal protection of the right to a healthy environment, Caiete de Drept Penal no. 1/2008 (link)
  • New discussions on the acts sanctioned as offences by Law no. 107/2006, Criminal Law Notebooks no. 3/2006 (link)
  • Controversial aspects of the offences provided for by O.U.G. no.31/2002, Caiete de Drept Penal no. 1/2005 (link)